[FoRK] Wired (& JBone) on Just1Key

Matt Jensen mattj
Thu Sep 1 11:35:49 PDT 2005

Useful idea, needs a few tweaks...

Never Forget Another Pasword

Just1Key is a web service that allows a user to safely store dozens of passwords
on a central server and use a single, secure pass phrase to unlock them from
anywhere in the world.  ...

Jeff Bone, a software entrepreneur, began using Just1Key six months ago after
losing his password file in a hard-drive crash and finding his backup file

"If you have an experience like that, that makes Just1Key a compelling
solution," Bone said. "It's a peace of mind issue, and fairly cheap at that....
Keeping track of a zillion passwords is a real challenge since I tend to use
extremely elaborate passwords for better security."


One tweak would be to just write the client-side encryption/hashing in
JavaScript.  That makes it easier to read and verify than the Java applet
(rather than just trusting Just1Key), and allows it to run for more people. 
You're only encrypting a master password, so that wouldn't take very long to

-Matt Jensen

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