[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

rst at ai.mit.edu rst
Thu Sep 1 13:03:05 PDT 2005

Adam L Beberg writes:
 > Now understandably, many people are trapped, so cannot move, and 
 > everyone I've seen on the tele has been shall we say... morbidly obese 
 > plus a few crispy creams, and so you have to figure walking at 1mi/hr 
 > and floating at 1/3... Even if you are not that city is no longer a 
 > place you want to be becasue of food, disease, water, electricity, etc.
 > So why is there still a problem beyond the need to fill out piles of 
 > insurance forms? All see is people standing around.

You seem to be assuming that things are OK outside city limits.  The
whole area --- *everything* for miles around --- is in very bad shape.
Walk three miles, and you wind up someplace that doesn't look much
better than where you started.  Here are a few photos posted by the
government of a different county, and not a particularly close one, to
let displaced residents know why they're not being allowed back in:


(If the first shot doesn't look all that bad --- and the misplaced
boats and buildings listing at odd angles in that one are a bit hard
to spot --- just scroll down to, say, the one with the fishing boats
that landed on top of what must be a fairly large highway in that
part of the country).

As to "Interdictor", FWIW, his reports are far from the only ones I've
seen which are tinged with "Mad Max: Beyond Superdome".  The online
coverage from the staff of the Times-Picayune at nola.com is hairy,
and armed gangs feature prominently in a lot of major news reports,



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