[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

J. Andrew Rogers andrew
Thu Sep 1 14:03:40 PDT 2005

On 9/1/05 1:33 PM, "Eugen Leitl" <eugen at leitl.org> wrote:
> What's with picking up some water and supplies in a backpack (all looted)
> walking 60 miles today, and (owch, owch, owch) maybe 40 miles tomorrow, and
> the day after tomorrow? Or cycling, if nobody's driving you could hitch a
> ride with? 

You might be able to do more like 15-20 miles the first day in that terrain
if one was particularly motivated and not physically disabled.  But for your
average sedentary citizen, doing so would significantly limit their ability
to too many miles the next day when the wear and tear on a body unused to
exercise caught up with them.  But generally you are correct; there is no
reason a person could not have traveled 20-30 miles by now.  A few dozen
miles inland and one should be home free for the most part.  I certainly
would have in the same situation.  It seems that many people are some
combination of too lazy to do what they need to do to get out and genuinely
expecting that help will drop out of the sky "any second now" without a
concept of the scope of the problem.

The really serious problem, which apparently has not filtered into the heads
of many people, is that the infrastructure for transport logistics is
utterly demolished across a country-sized region.  You cannot get supplies
in or out by land, sea, or air except in extremely limited amounts.
Expecting vast quantities of aid to drop in when there is no remaining
infrastructure to support logistics on the scale required is foolishness. It
is far easier for humans to get out than aid to get in at this point.

J. Andrew Rogers

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