[FoRK] Wired (& JBone) on Just1Key

Lucas Gonze lgonze
Thu Sep 1 14:34:05 PDT 2005

Matt Jensen wrote:

>Useful idea, needs a few tweaks...
>Never Forget Another Pasword
>Just1Key is a web service that allows a user to safely store dozens of passwords
>on a central server and use a single, secure pass phrase to unlock them from
>anywhere in the world.  ...
>Jeff Bone, a software entrepreneur, began using Just1Key six months ago after
>losing his password file in a hard-drive crash and finding his backup file
I use passwordsafe.  I like it a lot -- can't imagine how I lived 
without it.  (See http://passwordsafe.sourceforge.net/)

The one problem I have with it is backing up my password database -- I 
can't decide if I should have enough confidence in the security of it to 
keep a backup in a relatively public location like my personal ISP 
account, which is private but not *that* private.  I believe that the 
security of your password file rests on a sha1 hash of your password.  
Is that good enough?  Anybody have advice on that?

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