[FoRK] Re: New Orleans is Sinking

Corinna schultz
Thu Sep 1 15:49:11 PDT 2005

Not to mention the temperatures and humidity. Pretty hard to walk 10 miles
in that heat (I used to live in the Florida panhandle) -- even if you are in
good shape.  And there's no way you can carry a child very far without some
kind of baby carrier like a backpack or sling.

I'm sure some people tried to walk out, though. We're just not hearing about


"Lorin Rivers" <lrivers at gmail.com> wrote in message
news:9498298405090115177c1797e at mail.gmail.com...
Where do they go? Which direction do they go in?

Step outside and check what the farthest distance you can see
unobstructed without a device or tower or something?

Ever hiked in soaking-wet clothes?

What's the longest time you've carried a small child?

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