[FoRK] How many cylinders do you own?

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Thu Sep 1 17:18:45 PDT 2005

I have at least 50 just in computers, maybe 80-100.  11 ceiling / 
bathroom fans.  1 carpet fan (really great after a hot run).  6 free 
standing fans.  3 AC/heating unit fans.  3 vacuum fans.  7 vehicle 
fans.  At least 9 for appliances.  Approx. 95-135 fans total.

Fans drive me crazy.  I'm always replacing them in computer power 
supplies, CPU fans, etc.  I had to replace one in one of the laptops 
recently.  It was a funky fan with no cage, three tiny arms, and an 
exposed rotor.  I ordered exactly the same manufacturer and part # and 
the configuration was much different.  Screws didn't line up, etc.  
Luckily I was able to wedge it into the air guide cage inside the laptop 
and it worked.

Oh, I forgot the fans in the UPS units, add about 6, and those in the 
entertainment systems, add at least 9 more.


Ken Meltsner wrote:

>You don't want to start counting fans, do you?  They're everywhere --
>dishwashers, fridges, PCs, laptops, etc.   Also bathrooms and many
>basements.  It'd be like counting lightbulbs.
>Ken Meltsner
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