[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

snitsnat snitilicious
Thu Sep 1 18:03:41 PDT 2005

"Finish your beer. There are sober kids in India."

                        -- rwmartinI don't know guys. I just watched Count 
Down, MSNBC. The cameraman visited the people who'd followed their orders. 
They waded through the water to the Convention Center. They've been 
peaceful and orderly. There is no one there. Old people have died in the 
lawn chairs and wheel chairs. Two babies died there. The only person of any 
authority that has visited them is Harry Connick Jr. He, too, was outraged 
according to the cameraman.

These people did everything they are told. They weren't looting to steal 
TVs or rioting or raising guns into the air, though they have been breaking 
into stores to retrieve food and water.

As one woman said, Food and water was air dropped into Afghanistan. After 
two days, the same can't be done here?

The only person who has come to see them is Harry Connick Jr.?

The cameraman said there was a cop, guardsman or rescue worker in sight. 
It's not as if no one knows they are there.

If I waded through water, did as I was told, and then watched as cameramen 
and journalists traipsed by, dressed in clean, dry clothes, babbling into 
their microphones with non-parched lips.... I don't know how any of them 
have restrained themselves. It would be hard for me to understand, out of 
my mind with lack of sleep, food, and water, how it is that camera crews 
and journalists are well-hydrated and the mass of humanity around me is not.

So, now y'all want them to hike somewhere... I don't know where... so they 
can get relief? What are they supposed to live on? OK. So they live off 
their fat stores. Water? How are they supposed to bring water along to 
hydrate all of them?

And you want them to do that, after being told that hiking where they are 
would bring relief?

Was there some reason why food and water couldn't even be air dropped. 
Sure, they can get their own food and water from the stores that will never 
again open their doors. But, by airdropping food and supplies, you would at 
least send these people the message that people are paying attention to them.

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