[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

Adam L Beberg beberg
Thu Sep 1 22:26:14 PDT 2005

snitsnat wrote on 9/1/2005 6:03 PM:
> I don't know guys. I just watched Count Down, MSNBC. The cameraman
 > visited the people who'd followed their orders.

What are they doing in Arkansas, the flood is in New Orleans!

> These people did everything they are told. They weren't looting to steal 
> TVs or rioting or raising guns into the air, though they have been 
> breaking into stores to retrieve food and water.

Oh you mean, the people people that did everything they were told except 
the IMPORANT thing, get above sea level. My mistake.

> As one woman said, Food and water was air dropped into Afghanistan. 
> After two days, the same can't be done here?

All the people that do that are in Iraq. All the planes that do that are 
in Iraq.

> So, now y'all want them to hike somewhere... I don't know where... so 
> they can get relief? What are they supposed to live on? OK. So they live 
> off their fat stores.

*restains self*
*tries not to say anything*

> Was there some reason why food and water couldn't even be air dropped. 

See above. Also, those choppers and planes are being shot at. The 
choppers with the armor to do that are... in Iraq.

It's almost like we cannot respond because everyone that can is in 
another country.

Adam L. Beberg

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