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Corinna schultz
Fri Sep 2 06:36:48 PDT 2005

Exactly.  Terrorism and the fear of terrorism has caused Congress and
ordinary people to excuse things that would have Orwell turning over in his

But there are more pressing concerns. For instance some of the points Kerry
raised in the debates, about porous borders and unchecked containers, about
health care, about the working poor, etc. I read recently that Jimmy Carter
back in the 70s had started a plan to fund research into becoming energy
independent, but the funding was cut off by Reagan. And nobody has revisited
the issues until now.  I've been hearing all my life about global warming,
but nobody has done anything to address it until now. There is a disconnect
between education research and actual educational practices, and as far as I
know, there is still very little effort to reconcile that, even after 50
years of reports on how our system sucks.  We're still arguing about the
morning-after pill.  We still have problems with the work-life balance
issue, especially women. People like Seymore Papert and John Holt wrote
extensively about educational ideas that would probably be quite effective,
but nobody as far as I know has researched them. Our priorities are really
screwed up if we can be so hysterical about a threat which has not killed
that many people, relatively speaking, and then ignore many, many more
salient issues.

"Sebastian Hassinger" <shassinger at gmail.com> wrote in message
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That's exactly the point though - from a rational basis *automobiles*
are a more imanent threat to the American public than terrorism, let
alone natural disasters, but which one is wielding more influence over
domestic and foreign policy, and the general rhetoric employed by the
current administration? Terrorism is successful when it allows
irrationality to establish dominance over the governance of its enemy.

On 9/1/05, Robert Harley <robert.harley at gmail.com> wrote:
> Corinna:
> >You know, after the OK bombing and then 9/11 I got to thinking that it's
> >really, really easy to cause lots and lots of destruction.  Kind of makes
> >you wonder just how severe the "imminent danger from terrorists" really
> >is...
> Eh... you got me mightily confused.  How can "terrorism" even register
> as a concern?
> Sure 9/11 was spectacular and horrible, but something like 20000 times
> as many people
> have died of other causes in the interim.
> R.
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