[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Fri Sep 2 08:28:20 PDT 2005

I had a brisk walk with almost no water (better climate) in Montreal two 
years ago: 43 miles in 11 or 12 hours.
I felt fine until some muscle cramps in one leg the next day.  I suppose 
I'm not average.

A few weeks ago I did 15 miles in very difficult ridge terrain in Oahu 
with 4700ft. gain total.  Hard core Hawaiin hiking, the kind you can 
only find through local clubs and not any hiking guide, are DIFFICULT, 
scary, and fun if you liked to be pushed almost over the limit.  Imagine 
a ridge 1 ft. wide, with 60% from horizontal slopes down 1000+ ft. on 
each side and a 6" muddy path.  Or areas with a 20 ft. muddy rise/drop 
(each way) in 10 ft., with slippery mud directly into a 1000+ft. ledge.

This was from the last time I hiked it:
This is a less dangerous, but more photogenic area:

You'd be surprised what you can do when you have to.  There's water 
everywhere there in LA/MS.  It will make you sick, but you'll probably 
have a lot less chance of dying than from dehydration and once you 
develop immunity, traveling to Mexico should be more fun. ;-)


Joe Barrera wrote:

> I felt pretty proud of myself for doing a 7 mi round-trip hike last
> weekend. Granted, it was at 10,000 feet with 2,000 feet elevation
> gain. But still... hiking 80 mi in one day is unrealistic for 90+% of
> anyone, I don't care what modernized country you pick.
> - Joe
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