[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Fri Sep 2 12:14:19 PDT 2005

We Should hypothesize about what we might do in case it happens, don't 
you think?  Everyone should (have).
An armchair survivalist is one who theorizes but doesn't test or train.  
I'm more of a weekend survivalist, at least to a minor extent.

Speaking of empathy, have you registered your home as receptive to a 
displaced family?  Sent money?  Mapped out whether you could spend this 
long weekend going down to help?

How about this: blanket the city with 3/4 filled water bottles (so they 
will float) and MREs / rafts+paddles / iodine tablets / etc. attached to 
parachutes or at least floatation units of some kind.  The US has 
dropped leaflettes and MREs on foreign countries recently, what's the 
problem with doing it in our backyard?


Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

> Thanks, Andy, for some common sense.  +$0.02:
> I find the ramblings of all of you armchair survivalists to be  
> completely useless in informing the situation in New Orleans, and  
> totally insensitive.  It's very easy to sit in your air-conditioned  
> California and Virginia homes and hypothesize about what *you* might  
> do if your city and lives were totally destroyed.
> I don't care how fucking far any of you can walk, empty stomach or  
> full.  Develop some empathy, please.
> -Ian.
> On 2-Sep-05, at 10:52 AM, Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> I have two reactions to that: 1) it sounds like great mountain  
>> biking 2) why the high pissing competition about what /we/ could  do? 
>> It's not us we're talking about.

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