[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

Adam L Beberg beberg
Fri Sep 2 12:54:16 PDT 2005

Andy Armstrong wrote on 9/2/2005 11:39 AM:
> I'm sort of doubting that lack of fitness is the reason why people  
> didn't leave their homes - although generally being unaccustomed to  
> walking /anywhere/ may well be a factor. An American friend of mine  who 
> spends a fair amount of time here (UK) is always surprised when  she 
> goes home that even her fit mountain biking friends have what she  
> perceives as an extraordinary reluctance to walk a few city blocks. I  
> guess you get into a state where it ceases to be apparent that you  can 
> actually travel without any kind of machine. I'm not sure blame  for 
> that can be laid at the feet of individuals though.

When a elephant is little they put a big chain on its leg. When the 
elephant is big and can snap trees with ease, they still have a tiny 
chain on their leg, but do not think they could ever break it. It's 

My the same logic it's safe to assume most Americans think walking more 
then the distance from the car to the China*mart is physically impossible.

FoRKers are not normal Americans in any sense, we're smart, fit, and can 
adapt to anything in a hurry. I doubt any of us would have stayed at 
all. If we had, we could all get out in single-digit hours afterwards. 
Connect with bandwidth shortly after and network with 
family/friends/associates to have a place to stay/eat/sleep. Max 24 hours.

Adam L. Beberg

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