[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

Strata R. Chalup strata
Fri Sep 2 18:57:06 PDT 2005

Speaking of which-- how many of US have could grab a pack with 3 - 5 days food 
and water and hygiene supplies in it and rush off to a shelter RIGHT NOW?

I can't.  And I damn well know better.  I don't even have all the radios in a Go 
Bag, and I'm a SPECS member.  Mike doesn't have a Go Bag either, and he's a 
SPECS and ARES member.

In the trunk of the Echo right now are a pair of rolling backpacks that I picked 
up at Fry's this afternoon.  By the end of the weekend, or sooner, they better 
have a bug-out kit in 'em, or I'm in idiot.  Blah blah *earthquake* blah blah 
Zingiber.  We're going to bring the RV over to the house and clean and refill 
the fresh water tank this weekend, too.

Everybody's got a list, but you can't put *everything* in the bug-out bag or it 
becomes too big to carry usefully.  So.

Gym bag with some change of clothes including a warm layer and a no-wind layer.
Sleeping bag.

2 - 3 gallons of water.  Can opener and canned food that's palatable cold (and 
preferably has some water in it) eg vegetable barley soup, chicken rice soup, 
etc.  Clif bars or similar.  Caffeine source(s).  Single/double portion food or 
things that won't spoil, eg chip and cookie lunch packs, foil pouch tuna salad, 
rolls of crackers.  Gatorade.  Juice box style milk, soymilk (protein!), juices. 
  A quasi-indestructible travel-mug, plus a bowl, plus a packet of sturdy 
plasticware.  Big pack of hypoallergenic people wipes (Cetaphil or similar 
waterless shower stuff); pack of disinfectant object wipes.  Pepto-bismol or 
immodium.  Toilet paper, napkins.  Maybe a bag of 'shop rags'.  Bottle of Dr 
Bronner's (dilute, dilute, ok!)  PETT bags, or garbage bags with clump cat litter.

Small, brightly colored 'best of the best' bag: prescription meds, extra glasses 
or contact lenses, CA$H, spare radio / flashlight / bic lighters, toothbrush, 
ID.  Hide other cash in the big bag too.  Don't keep it all in one place.

Bug-out kit for pets:  wheeled bag with dry food, wet food, litter, PROOF OF 
VACCINATIONS (or your pets may not be allowed in a shelter, or may be euthanized 
in an emergency situation where space is limited), spare collar(s) / leashes; 
disposable pans to use as litter pans, hanging 'rabbit' type water bottle for 
use in carrier (and of course, carrier itself), paper plates, food bowl(s) for 
dry food, bedding.  Ideally, a sheet or waterproof tarp to toss over carrier to 
keep pets quiet / safer-feeling in a shelter.

Right.  Off to do, rather than to type.


Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:

> Thanks, Andy, for some common sense.  +$0.02:
> I find the ramblings of all of you armchair survivalists to be  
> completely useless in informing the situation in New Orleans, and  
> totally insensitive.  It's very easy to sit in your air-conditioned  
> California and Virginia homes and hypothesize about what *you* might  do 
> if your city and lives were totally destroyed.
> I don't care how fucking far any of you can walk, empty stomach or  
> full.  Develop some empathy, please.
> -Ian.
> On 2-Sep-05, at 10:52 AM, Andy Armstrong wrote:
>> I have two reactions to that: 1) it sounds like great mountain  biking 
>> 2) why the high pissing competition about what /we/ could  do? It's 
>> not us we're talking about.
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