[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Fri Sep 2 19:03:10 PDT 2005

Robert Harley wrote:

>>What's with picking up some water and supplies in a backpack (all looted) 
>>walking 60 miles today, and (owch, owch, owch) maybe 40 miles tomorrow, and
>>the day after tomorrow? Or cycling, if nobody's driving you could hitch a 
>>ride with? 
>Eh... people who are fit and/or motivated can do a good bit more
>than some assume, but others... well...
>Slightly relevant (and I'm dying to talk about it anyway!):
Cool, I need to go there some day.  My little brother is leaving (from 
Honolulu) in a few days for Machu Pichu (sp?) Peru for a long hike with 
the aforementioned Hawaiin crazy (er, amazing) hikers.

>While on holiday this summer I walked 55kms in half a day, as measured
>by markers on a road/track, although actually a bit shorter due to
>cutting over rough terrain from time to time, with a heavy pack
>starting at 4500m-ish and up/down about 600m altitude difference
>(then "talked" with hand-signals and the like with an old pock-marked
>Tibetan guy and some women folk in a barn/house thingy while they
>I loved it - but to get back to the point, something like half of people
>just can't do major physical effort; and New-Orleaners (if that's a term)
Not anymore I think.

>who are stuck deserve help rather than scathing commentary.
If I had a clue that I could be useful, I'd be driving there now.  Or 
flying for that matter, I could rent a Cessna (too expensive though).
I'd pick up a family and get their kids in school on Tuesday.
Someone with time, energy, and a few resources should go and start 
finding and matching people.  Maybe someone can fund a mobile satellite 
phone / Internet connection for family matching and our army can just 
wade into groups and get to it.

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