[FoRK] Disaster Capitalism

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Fri Sep 2 19:15:39 PDT 2005

Imagine the positive publicity, and possible system of directed donation 
funding, if one or more mega-corporations were to create self-contained, 
ready to air drop food manufacturing units.  Say Dominos or other 
company with easy to stabilize and/or supply ingredients were to build a 
tough container-based food factory that could be transported anywhere 
within a small number of hours and, in a self-contained, self-powered 
fashion, crank out food and fresh water for hundreds or thousands of 
people?  Modularize the ingredient refills, fuel, and make it as 
automated as possible.  They could have dropped a dozen by now at the 
stadium and elsewhere.

Transport by C130, helicopter, custom-built "White Knight" like carrier, 
Imagine the publicity, good will, and funding that would pour in to 
support such a solution.
You could even imagine a waterproof version that is stashed in strategic 
ports, areas, and ships just in case.

Of course this should be done for medical and other purposes also.


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