[FoRK] Global Strategic Aid Bombing

kelley at inkworkswell.com kelley
Fri Sep 2 19:58:24 PDT 2005

At 10:09 PM 9/2/2005, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>We can send off a bomber from Oklahoma, B2 I think, refuel it a couple 
>times en route, have it bomb the Middle East, or probably anywhere else on 
>earth practically, and the pilots are back home by dinner.  Why is it that 
>we can't air drop a few 10's of thousands of pounds of water, MREs, and 
>other survival gear 800 miles away?
>Self contained solar or manual powered water filtration / desalination 
>kits would be ideal.  The units should be selfcontained, floating, solar 
>powered with a starter battery that just float and make a lot of fresh water.

I don't know. I heard some tool this morning, trying to convince a 
newsjoker that the reason we can't airdrop is that they'd be shoving 
pallets out of planes. Right. He then said, to illustrate why it was a bad 
idea, that they'd air dropped aid in for cattle. (!!!) When they flew over, 
they discovered that some of the cattle had died when the bales of hay 
landed on them.

I was seething, lemme tell ya.

First of all, people aren't like cattle who, when freezing, huddle 
together, and bow their heads. People can look up and get out of the way. 
But that's irrelevant, really. Since,  that's not how they air drop MREs 
and water anyway. They're parachuted.

What was the icing on the cake was the unmitigated gall to compare these 
people, in this climate, to cattle -- ? I'd like to know who that tool was, 
I tell ya.

Last night, one guy's telling us on MSNBC that people on Highway 10 have 
been air dropped food. Tonight, a guy on FAUX SPEWS is telling us that the 
people on Highway 10 have been neglected and haven't had food for days 
either. Which is it? I _hope_ it's only because there are several different 
groups of people huddled on Highway 10.

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