[FoRK] Disaster Capitalism

Ken Meltsner meltsner
Fri Sep 2 20:19:42 PDT 2005

Kohler got my vote for coolest capitalists for their shower truck
unit.  Right after 9/11, working continuously, they designed and
fabricated a mobile hot shower unit for the crews working at the World
Trade Center, got it to New York, and ready for a business.

It was neat because showers are one of the things that they do (I
suspect they're working overtime right now on generators, another one
of their products), but to do it fast in a completely novel way was
truly impressive.  They ended up running it for nearly three months,
providing 100 showers per day per unit (about 100K in total, by my

Here's the story (from the tankless water heater company):


Kohler Mobile Unit Provides On-site Showers for Volunteers and Workers
At The World Trade Center.

To bring a few minutes of respite to the workers and volunteers at the
World Trade Center, Kohler Co. created a mobile showering unit that
was located at Ground Zero. A first for the company, the unit
incorporated nine shower stalls and four sinks in a massive
semi-trailer. It offered hot showers with an infinite supply of hot

Led by Kohler Co. industrial designer, a team of more than 150
electricians, engineers, carpenters, welders and other Kohler
associates designed the showering unit in two days and built in four

Nine showers stalls self contained with its' own shower and hot water
supply for use by rescue workers at ground zero 24 hours a 7 days a
week. Powered by Kohler generator, water supplied by fire hydrant. All
self contained in a Mobile Shower Truck.

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