[FoRK] Global Strategic Aid Bombing

snitsnat snitilicious
Sat Sep 3 10:16:02 PDT 2005

At 12:28 PM 9/3/2005, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>It's not that tough to design a compact, bouyant, and slow descending 
>package that can be packed tight until deployment.  The idea of dropping a 
>whole pallet is pretty dumb in most situations, even where it's dry.

like MREs? :) They airdropped MREs as individual packages in Bosnia during 
Clinton's first term.

I thought you'd like this, since you're so into inventions and creativity:


As for the rest, they don't drop pallets, as I said. And, they've already 
airdropped food to the people on highway 10. (It's possible that the 
reporter was lying or he got his facts wrong.)


My dad was a paratrooper during Vietnam, though an accident wrecked his 
hips and knees (and his baseball career as a catcher, ack).

Sure, it requires coordination, but I would rather see some people die when 
a bladder of water falls on their head than I would to see them die from 
not trying at all. Just as I'd rather they be evacuated in buses, even 
though it was statistically inevitable that a bus would turn over and 
people who'd thought they were home free ended up dying. It feels awful, 
but no one in their right mind would have said, "Wait, we can't evacuate 
them by roadway, somebody is inevitably going to die in a bus accident!"


I agree that it would take time, but if this is our response to an 
emergency like this, after years of being told we have to prepare for 911, 
we are a 10th world Nation. By Jan 5th, we were at least discussing 
parachuting food and water into the Tsunami victims. All I heard was that 
turkey saying it was impossible. Had he the decency to use a real 
explanation -- sorry I don't buy the pallet thing because of the above -- 
that it was just too difficult to coordinate so quickly, I'd have been 
happy. Instead, he tells the newsjoker something that was simply not true 
since they don't always airdrop by tossing pallets out the backend of a 
plane. He was just dweeb, some tool, that got sent to spin the news and he did.

But, I don't have energy to argue over this. I'm going to try to get things 
done so I can volunteer and help Ben DeLong with transcribing.


"Finish your beer. There are sober kids in India."

                        -- rwmartin 

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