[FoRK] Global Strategic Aid Bombing

Kevin Elliott k-elliott
Sat Sep 3 11:05:24 PDT 2005

At 22:58 -0400  on  9/2/05, kelley at inkworkswell.com wrote:
>First of all, people aren't like cattle who, when freezing, huddle 
>together, and bow their
>heads. People can look up and get out of the way. But that's 
>irrelevant, really. Since,  that's
>not how they air drop MREs and water anyway. They're parachuted.

Yes.  Their parachuted to people who know that it's coming, know to 
expect it, and (generally) have marked the location where it's going 
to land.  If we had people who could mark landing zones their, then 
they could probably have brought the food with them!
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