[FoRK] Global Strategic Aid Bombing

Kevin Elliott k-elliott
Sat Sep 3 11:10:40 PDT 2005

At 00:36 -0700  on  9/3/05, J. Andrew Rogers wrote:
>Well, sadly, there is a hell of a lot of truth to this.  Like most other
>safety measures the military uses, this one was put in place because there
>actually have been incidents where people died in airdrops.  No accounting
>for the species.  Those pallets are heavy and can smash a lot of structure,
>parachute or no.  I do not know anything about cattle getting smashed but it
>would not surprise me.

Finally some sense!  These pallets fall VERY fast and a basically 
unguided.  In fact one of the major research projects today in 
military transport is creating a GPS guided steerable drop pallet, so 
that the accuracy of drops can be improved.  Also, dropping a pallet 
in the deserts of Afghanistan and Iraq is very different that 
dropping one in the  middle of New Orleans.  In the desert lands 
somewhere in a 50-100 yard circle, no one really cares (as long as 
they new it was coming and stayed out of the area).   50-100 yards in 
New Orleans is the difference between hitting where you aimed, 
shattering the drop on the side of the building, sending the drop 
through the top of a house, or just having it end up several city 
blocks away.
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