[FoRK] How much power do you use?

Udhay Shankar N udhay
Sun Sep 4 04:50:38 PDT 2005

At 08:47 AM 9/4/2005, Stephen D. Williams wrote:

>Ouch, I just managed to consume 4333 kWh in one month.  That's with 
>myself, two teenagers, another adult, air conditioning in hot 
>Virginia, and a nominal 9+ computers running.  Usual consumption is 
>2000-2900 kWh.


Wife + myself, no airconditioning, one single computer - the monthly 
home power consumption, here in Bangalore is well under 500 kWh 
(usually well under 400 kWh, in fact).

Do you work out of home?

What is the average power consumption of this group, anyway?


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