[FoRK] How much power do you use?

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Sun Sep 4 10:22:24 PDT 2005

Yes, I work here most of the time, the kids have many friends over all 
the time, and the house is a reasonable size.  Plus the roommate has a 
high-end PC that is very heat producing, along with another 
entertainment setup, and Ham equipment.  I have a lot going on here, but 
it's the air conditioning controlled by two teenagers when I wasn't here 
to supervise for 2 weeks that has done it recently.

I keep a lot of the other computers, including an old Dell 
dual-processor server, turned off most of the time because they just 
burn through power.  I'm going more and more virtual so I only power up 
the grid when I'm testing software.

Back in Cleveland in 1984/1985, I lived in two apartments, one on each 
side of the city and with two different electric power companies.  The 
second one, my electric bills would be $5 for the month.  I did have a 
computer and a 1200 baud modem borrowed from work (Racal Vadic, pre-AT 
command set, remember ^E?).  I didn't leave the computer running however 
since I was 10 years away from running Internet servers from home.

Air conditioning is my biggest power sink in the summer, but closely 
followed by laundry and electronics.  In the DC area, it is both hot and 
very humid in the summer, although it hasn't really been that bad this 


Udhay Shankar N wrote:

> At 08:47 AM 9/4/2005, Stephen D. Williams wrote:
>> Ouch, I just managed to consume 4333 kWh in one month.  That's with 
>> myself, two teenagers, another adult, air conditioning in hot 
>> Virginia, and a nominal 9+ computers running.  Usual consumption is 
>> 2000-2900 kWh.
> Wow.
> Wife + myself, no airconditioning, one single computer - the monthly 
> home power consumption, here in Bangalore is well under 500 kWh 
> (usually well under 400 kWh, in fact).
> Do you work out of home?
> What is the average power consumption of this group, anyway?
> Udhay

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