[FoRK] New Orleans is Sinking

Strata R. Chalup strata
Sun Sep 4 15:11:33 PDT 2005

This is mostly 'shelter in place' supplies, presuming no utilities and a roof 
over one's head.  It is not wilderness-trekking gear, hence the absence of DEET 
and the pseudo-excess of water.

Below is a list of links for home/personal kits that are for generic urban 
survival, eg shelter-in-place in office/home/whatever.

More "go bag" info
Yep, I've seen the Jim McDonald 'jump bag' link. I'll just say this about that: 
as a "Nationally Registered Wilderness EMT", Jim McD may be able to survive with 
just these 'essentials'. Any of the rest of us should consider it nothing more 
than a subset.
It's also very much a kit for a first responder and care provider, rather than a 
"how can I keep from being someone who NEEDS care" self-sufficiency kit for an 
average citizen trying to stay out of trouble and remain helpful to those in 
worse straits.

That said, some *much* more useful links for the average geek are included below.

If you are a ham, keep at least one HT in your car, plus batteries; buy the 
battery pack that lets you use disposables if your rig comes only with a lithium 
pack. If you are not a ham, get a set of GMRS (like family service, but longer 
range/higher power) radios and keep them. Agree on frequencies to use.

In fact, make your PLAN so that you know what to do and are on the same TIMELINE.
Big quake at 5:30pm-- hmm, we could both be at work, in transit from work to 
home, etc. Our plan might say "if major event, head directly for home", if 
unable to get home, define 3 fallback locations in order. Also define comm 
protocols: I will monitor this repeater AND this simplex frequency. Etc. The 
idea is even if you are out of touch, you will have a way to get in touch OR end 
up at the same place at the same time EVENTUALLY.

WRT food items: make sure it's something you *will* eat, that it doesn't give 
you the runs (how many of us eat food routinely that we love but which doesn't 
agree with us?!), and that it's at least somewhat palatable if you have to eat 
it cold. Single serving paks are best, as you will likely have no refrigeration. 
That said, large bottles of juice can sit longer than you might think, and can 
also be shared. Try to get pure juices, no corn syrup or sugar: anyone with 
marginal blood sugar will be stressed enough, and oversweetened (or oversalted) 
items can act as diuretics, causing you to need more water.

BTW, get a WHISTLE and keep it on yr keychain. Saved lives in many quakes, as 
people trapped in rFrom beberg at mithral.com  Mon Sep  5 01:18:09 2005
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Subject: [FoRK] "Some held out in the Vieux Carre"
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Russell Turpin wrote on 9/4/2005 8:49 PM:
> I guess soon they will be made to leave:
> http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20050904/ap_on_re_us/katrina_surviving_in_the_quarter_hk1 

Non-scientific polling is showing about 90% of those with nothing left 
have zero intention of ever returning to New Orleans. They can learn, 
there is hope!

Looks like Texas has 100k more sub-poverty-line permanent residents. 
Their first LEGAL immigrants in 100 years! ;) Sadly, about the normal 
number of immigrants for a month tho.

Adam L. Beberg

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