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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Mon Sep 12 15:07:16 PDT 2005

I agree, as long as you don't completely equate "open" == "blessed 
standard".  I'm quite happy to use a protocol that is better, 
practically speaking, than some PTT-centric design by committee.  SMTP 
vs. X.400 for instance.  The non-standard (i.e. emerging defacto 
standard) that Asterisk uses is another good example.

What Skype uses is great; if it was available for anyone to use we'd be 
all set.  SIP to many has seemed to complicated and it suffers, like a 
lot of the multimedia over IP standards, from the core group of purists 
who have insisted on architecture that is not firewall or NAT friendly.


Justin Mason wrote:

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>Joe Barrera writes:
>>Luis Villa wrote:
>> >That sounds like high-grade BS to me. Skype is a tiny, tiny brand when
>> >placed next to 'Apple Talk' or 'Google Talk'; it won't say how many
>>If only 13% of people can even pick out the right definition
>>of VOIP from a multiple choice question, I wonder how
>>many have any idea what a "Skype" is?
>(a) absurd article.  why should an end user have to know what VOIP, or
>TCP/IP, or whatever acronym-du-jour, expands to?  They just need to
>know what button on their desktop needs clicking to start the app.
>(b) even my parents have been pestering my to run Skype.  It's already
>made the mainstream.
>Personally, I hope that Google Talk can bring workable voice chat using
>open protocols.  Skype is a very proprietary system.
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