[FoRK] Re: master's thesis or master's project

Win Treese treese
Mon Sep 19 07:09:47 PDT 2005

> What about the prestige angle?  Does anybody besides academics care about
> that? Say I want to work for Amazon (data mining or some such). Would they
> care if I had done a theses or not?

In my experience, from an industry point of view, a master's thesis is
an interesting thing to talk about during an interview. It's not
terribly relevant unless it's spot on to the work being done at the
company, and that's less likely after your first job afterwards.

A thesis lets you dig into one topic more deeply. If that appeals to
you, go for it. Someday you might look back and say, "my thesis work was
critical to my career because next I did this other thing...", but
that's just as likely to happen with something from a course or a
project as well.

 - Win

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