[FoRK] complaint - please ignore :)

Ken Meltsner meltsner
Tue Sep 20 07:12:50 PDT 2005

On 9/20/05, Owen Byrne <owen at permafrost.net> wrote:
> I feel like this was directed at me :-). One word - performance. Joins
> kill it. I'm sure someone else here will have a more verbose response.

Certainly true -- denormalization should come after a decent DB model
has been created, though.

Also, two more words:

materialized views

If your DB supports them, views (essentially, persistent queries) can
be created that are writable such that the original tables are updated
when a row in the view is changed.  Even if they're not writable, they
can reduce the cost of joins through clever caching.

Ken Meltsner

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