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Tue Sep 20 10:31:16 PDT 2005

These are some riveting stories from survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Steve 
Perry edited the story online at Minneapolis/St. Paul's The City Pages:


Adele Bertucci, 53, hospitality worker, native of Cuba and 35-year resident 
of New Orleans

The worst experience for me was being alone for maybe four days in the 
airport. That's something I'll never forget. There were bodies. There were 
people bleeding. There were people lying in their own waste. One after 
another. If you take Gone with the Wind and the Nazi War and the Vietnam 
war, and visualize that in one place, that's how I would describe the 
airport. When you watch it on TV, it's like watching a Walt Disney versus 
an R-rated movie. You only see what they want you to see. You can't smell 
it. More...

J. Michael Brown, 52, resident of Chalmette in St. Bernard Parish, 
president of an electronic funds transfer company

Within 15 minutes you had six feet of water in your home, which is about a 
6,000 square foot place. In about 30 minutes I had 12 feet. Across the 
street there was probably 15 feet of water. I watched my BMW go down the 
street, my daughter's BMW go away down the street. The water was ferocious. 
You could see natural gas bubbling up out of the water everywhere you 
looked. As far as you could see, there was nothing but black water. More...

Dumas Carter, 30, eight-year veteran NOPD officer, one of six local cops 
who stayed on duty at the Convention Center complex in the days after Katrina
Lots of people on the street were asking me where to go. I'm telling them 
the truth, which is I don't know, they haven't told us anything. They're 
telling us that somebody told them that they were told by another person 
who was somebody in charge of something that the Convention Center was 
being set up as a secondary evacuation point with food and water. Those 
people went to the Convention Center, and there was no food or water there 
for them. So now there's no water, there's no police--everybody's left the 
city except for the six of us. And now there's 20,000 people with no extra 
security down there. More...

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