[FoRK] complaint - please ignore :)

Elias Sinderson elias
Wed Sep 21 01:05:22 PDT 2005

Ken Meltsner wrote:

> [...] materialized views
>If your DB supports them, views (essentially, persistent queries) can
>be created that are writable such that the original tables are updated
>when a row in the view is changed.  Even if they're not writable, they
>can reduce the cost of joins through clever caching.
I couldn't agree more - as the MER mission went into double overtime, 
and the number of data products began to strain things, our metadatabase 
really began to slow down. Consider individual queries taking on the 
order of several seconds in the worst case. After configuring the 
materialized views, the DB access times went down to around .1 seconds.


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