[FoRK] coining

Adam L Beberg beberg
Wed Sep 21 13:45:26 PDT 2005

Joe Barrera wrote on 9/21/2005 10:03 AM:
> Adam L Beberg wrote:
>> > Yes, yes, no. It can take years. Look at Nuasis. They've been in
>> > sweat-shop mode for at LEAST five years. Mandatory Saturdays and
>> > everything.
>>  Where did they find employees? I assume they got them on the human
>>  slave market in China?
> Believe it or not, there are actually still a couple programmers in the job
> market here in the Bay Area.

Point was, anyone I know would laugh if you asked them to come in on a 
Saturday. Only slaves work on Saturdays, calling them anything else 
would be wrong, even "wage slave" is probably not quite right.

Adam L. Beberg

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