Bad Auto-Aways (Was Re: [FoRK] Rebuilding New Orl^H^H^HVenice(Out of Office)

Lucas Gonze lgonze
Thu Sep 22 18:55:48 PDT 2005

On Thu, 22 Sep 2005, Joe Barrera wrote:

> Russell Turpin wrote:
>>  If she looks good in feathers, she likely looks even better just in tar.
> Um, could we move the Geege fanfic off to ANOTHER list?

Leisurely uncrossing her stockinged legs, Lt. Geege let out a sudden cry:

"Captain!  We're receiving a distress call from the Minneapolis!"

"Unhand yourself, Geege," said Captain Wharf.

"This is an out of office reply," said Lt. Geege.  "I will be away from my 
desk until the 23rd."

Wharf awoke with a start, sweating, to find an urgent page on his beberg 
from Regina.

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