[FoRK] Re: Bad Auto-Aways

Stephen D. Williams sdw
Thu Sep 22 20:54:32 PDT 2005

Actually, this would be tough to fix on the client side.  Better to 
standardize on a header or body format and just filter automatically at 
the mailing list.  Mailman already filters apparent admin requests; 
filtering away / vacation messages would be a trivial addition.

If I were to do this (I never stop checking email willingly, even on 
vacation), I'd use a procmail "recipe" which would allow me to do whatever.

Pointing out the obvious, your friend,

Elias Sinderson wrote:

> Lucas Gonze wrote:
>> Ian Andrew Bell (FoRK) wrote:
>>> Is it just me or does this drive everyone else nuts when this 
>>> happens  (weekly)?
>> Yes.  My feeling is that anybody with an auto-away should be 
>> auto-unsubscribed. 
> Also yes, and an enthusiastic +1 on the motion to auto-unsubscribe, 
> provided there is a unsub email sent as well...
> Most Humbly,
> Elias
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