[FoRK] Re: Bad Auto-Aways

Wilkin, Kurt Kurt.Wilkin
Fri Sep 23 08:22:40 PDT 2005

fork-bounces at xent.com wrote:
> I can't understand why people don't use an email account that is
> separate from your work -- one on which you would not (could not) set
> an auto-away message. Like a free gmail, yahoo, or hotmail account.

Hmm, I've always thought this was bad form for a mailing list
in that you then have anonymous access to a personal, if not 
private, forum. Whereas, its not advertised but if you really 
needed to you could probably find your way to a phone reasonably 
close to me because I use this address. Definitely a mail / net

(Actually, ISTR that came from newsgroups, 
where it was probably an AOL/Hotmail defensive measure?)

Has it changed enough that free accounts are no longer 
automatically considered one step away from trolling?

(and, yup, weighed the free account as less acceptable than 
my (work) 12 page .sig, McQuary be damned).

Anyways, sorry, back to the fanfic:

"If you need immediate assistance, please call Renie Levin" she 
purred to Willow...

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