[FoRK] Re: coining

Corinna schultz
Fri Sep 23 10:41:32 PDT 2005

I don't think there's any single pursuit I'd want to spend that much time
on... Even at work I need to divert my attention to various things -
bug-fixing, designing, reading, chatting, walking around, thinking -- it
keeps me productive, even when it looks like I'm goofing off... :)  I can't
spend all day chasing down that intermittent database bug... it drives me
absolutely nuts when I have days like that!

There are tons of things I'd like to do that I don't have time for, but if
given the chance to do whatever I want, I'd probably spend 20 hours or so at
the computer, and the rest divided among playing various instruments,
drawing, homeschooling my kids, going to the beach (looking for hermit
crabs, walking around tidepools, watching the birds at sunset around the
wetlands...), reading, working outside in the yard, painting the house...
oh, and being with my husband :)

I'm 31, btw. Got married in college... My oldest kid is almost 8yo.


(Anybody got a cheap violin bow and shoulder rest you want to donate to the
cause of driving my neighbors crazy?)

> Luis Villa wrote:
> ...
> > still don't know quite what to make of that- it is an eminently sane,
> > very healthy perspective, but it is difficult for me to reconcile only
> > doing 35 hour weeks (hell, only doing 60 hour weeks) with being
> > passionate and interested in what I do.

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