[FoRK] social alienation...

Daniel Grisinger daniel
Fri Sep 23 11:41:39 PDT 2005

oddly, i find that i don't particularly enjoy hanging out with technical 
types outside of my normal work day.  a few of my friends are coders, 
dbas, sysadmins, electrical engineers, etc., but most are truck drivers, 
mechanics, or technical types at music venues (sound guys, roadies, etc.).

i like this because it seems far too easy to me for highly-educated, 
highly-skilled people to lose sight of what life is like for the 
majority of the population.  most of us aren't as lucky as luis and 
others around FoRK to love their work enough to focus on it for more 
than 8 hours per day, and i like the reminder that most people only view 
work as a means to finance the things that really matter to them.


Corinna wrote:
> oohhh, a heavy topic....
> Just curious, what kind (and how many) of people do you hang out with?
> Do you feel out of place when you're with, ahhh, shall we say, less
> intelligent people?  (Not stupid or dumb, just normal people with normal
> IQs)
> What do you talk about, or what do you do, when you hang out?
> What do you talk about with casual strangers (like in the checkout line) -- 
> or maybe you *don't* talk with casual strangers...?
> In jobs I've had when I've had to deal with the general public, I feel very
> strongly how "different" (in an undefined, subtle kind of way) I am. Even
> among "bright" people I feel this, though it's less.
> Now, this is not to say that I *can't* deal with the general public... I
> think I'm reasonably well-socialized :-)  It's just that I don't prefer it.
> -Corinna
> (I'm not expressing this well, because it's not generally kosher to talk
> about such things, so I don't ever really verbalize these kind of feelings.
> I'm hoping you will recognize what I'm referring to, though.)
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