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Corinna schultz
Fri Sep 23 11:47:18 PDT 2005

"Ken Meltsner" <meltsner at alum.mit.edu> wrote in message
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> *  Genuine interest or devotion to one or more subjects, preferably in
areas that interest you

This is probably the main problem I have here in the Valley. As far as I've
been able to find, there's no existing groups of people who have interests
similar to mine. All the homeschoolers I know of are really religious. No
computer-type clubs (LUG, JUG, etc). No robotics-type groups (there's an
excellent one in Portland...).  There is a RC car racing group, but I have
no interest in RC cars, and I'm not sure I want to spend the money needed to
get my son involved in RC cars...  No art-film groups (although there's some
kind of hispanic film festival - cinesol.com). No vegetarians... No
philosophy-types, even...  The one honest-to-goodness real-estate investor
we tried to deal with turned out to be a complete idiot/jerk -- dashed our
hopes of actually learning from someone with experience...

OK. We have audobon-society types here. But, really, all the interesting
bird-things (and bat-things) tend to happen at the exact time the
blood-thirsty critters are out, too.  (Although I heard about a great horned
owl hunting sleeping purple martins in downtown Harlingen... maybe I'll go
see if I can find them...)

I would probably try the Valley chorale if I didn't have class on their
rehearsal night.

I'm not whining, not really...

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