[FoRK] Re: Bad Auto-Aways

Cleopatra Von Ludwig rockfish
Fri Sep 23 11:57:33 PDT 2005

On 9/23/05, Wilkin, Kurt <Kurt.Wilkin at fnzc.co.nz> wrote:
> Hmm, I've always thought this was bad form for a mailing list
> in that you then have anonymous access to a personal, if not
> private, forum. Whereas, its not advertised but if you really
> needed to you could probably find your way to a phone reasonably
> close to me because I use this address. Definitely a mail / net
> admin.

And I've always been under the impression that work email accounts are
exactly for that -- work.

Not to mention the fact that this is an invite-only mailing list (isn't it?
that's how I got on it) and therefore the chain of trust continues. I don't
appreciate the suggestion that I'm "trolling" just because I choose not to
overwhelm my work email with inappropriate and irrelevant messages from
FoRK. Maybe this is one of those "difference of opinions" things where
neither side is "right", both sides have legitimate points to make.


By the way, Kurt, your "reply-to" is set.

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