[FoRK] that grim meathook future thing

Justin Mason jm
Fri Sep 23 12:14:43 PDT 2005

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> And then there.s the future where everything just sort of keeps going on
> the way it has, with incremental changes, and technology is no longer
> the deciding factor in things. You don.t need high tech to change the
> world; you need Semtex and guns that were designed by a Russian soldier
> fifty-odd years ago.
> Meanwhile, most of the people with any genuine opportunity or ability to
> effect global change are too busy patting each other on the back at
> conventions and blue-skying goofy social networking tools that are
> essentially useless to 95% of the world.s population, who live within
> fifteen feet of everyone they.ve ever known and have no need to track
> their fuck buddies with GPS systems. (This, by the way, includes most
> Americans, quite honestly.)
> You can.t blame them for this, because it.s fun and it.s a great way to
> travel and get paid, but it doesn.t actually help solve any real
> problems, except the problem of media theory grad students, which the
> rest of the world isn.t really interested in solving.

+1.  I'm looking forward to the longer screed...

Funnily enough, Bruce Sterling wrote about related themes in _Islands In
The Net_, back in the 1980's.  plus ca change!

FWIW, in terms of parallels in other fields; this also intersects a little
bit with what Danny O'Brien called "the hinternet", I feel.  When *we* use
the internet, web, and email, we don't see the same
spam/popup/malware/threat-filled crud zone our less-techie parents,
friends, and relatives see, because we've got filters for all that
stuff.   The "digital divide" on the internet...

- --j.
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