[FoRK] Re: social alienation...

Ken Meltsner meltsner
Fri Sep 23 12:31:33 PDT 2005

This whole discussion reminds me of when we lived in Johnstown PA,
which was the sort of place that was *between* Pittsburgh and "the
middle of nowhere."  There were neighbors, mostly older and quite dull
since the smarter and younger ones all left (with a few exceptions)
when the local steel mills tanked.  We used to drive to Pittsburgh
just to visit bookstores, and that would take about 2 hours over
mediocre roads.

We coped.   My wife wrote and read SF fanzines (in those heady
pre-blog days), she joined a Pittsburgh-based Sherlock Holmes group,
etc.  But to be honest, our neighbors never quite "got" us and we left
as soon as I could find a better job.  We may not have much in common
with our neighbors now, but they're intelligent and thoughtful, and
tolerant of the pinko liberals in their midst.

Some people are just plain depressed and depressing, beat to crap by
the changing economy, etc.  It's not their fault in most cases, but
it's damned hard to enjoy socializing with people like that.


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