[FoRK] social alienation...

Aaron Burt aaron
Fri Sep 23 16:05:43 PDT 2005

On Fri, Sep 23, 2005 at 01:03:50PM -0500, Corinna wrote:
> Just curious, what kind (and how many) of people do you hang out with?

Bikers who use email, people who go to English pubs, social activists,
girlfriends, a handful of folks who get coffee every Sunday at
Division st. Stumptown in Portland.

> Do you feel out of place when you're with, ahhh, shall we say, less
> intelligent people?  (Not stupid or dumb, just normal people with normal
> IQs)

I don't know how to measure that.  I do feel uncomfortable around
Republicans, folks who watch a lot of TV and functional illiterates.
Race and social class also figure.

> What do you talk about with casual strangers

Mostly books, alternative energy, cooking and motorcycles.

> In jobs I've had when I've had to deal with the general public, I
> feel very strongly how "different" (in an undefined, subtle kind of
> way) I am. Even among "bright" people I feel this, though it's less.

Different background and worldview, most likely.  You're probably part
of the reality-based community, to boot.

And in response to your later email, you might look for a Unitarian
church or fellowship.  There's nests of the buggers all over.

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