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Stephen D. Williams sdw
Fri Sep 23 19:45:32 PDT 2005

I grew up with quite enough of the real world, however I always stay 
observant of people, subcultures, subsubcultures, professions, 
personalities, etc.  I always go off the beaten path when traveling, 
always wanting to find out what it's like for natives of the area.

I tend to be able to talk to anyone, get into their head and situation a 
little, and can converse with them as long as I want.  I do however, 
grow bored quickly.

With someone very intelligent / knowledgable / curious, I can never stop 
talking and simply have to abandon the conversation when it has spilled 
over all bounds.  With those that are less mentally enthusiastic about 
life (low MEAL index ;-) ), I fall silent as I cross off more and more 
avenues to explore.

I think MEAL is a good concept, it's really a combination of raw 
intelligence + drive + creativity + historical effort (and a little 
luck) that puts people in the gifted and interesting category.


Daniel Grisinger wrote:

> oddly, i find that i don't particularly enjoy hanging out with 
> technical types outside of my normal work day.  a few of my friends 
> are coders, dbas, sysadmins, electrical engineers, etc., but most are 
> truck drivers, mechanics, or technical types at music venues (sound 
> guys, roadies, etc.).
> i like this because it seems far too easy to me for highly-educated, 
> highly-skilled people to lose sight of what life is like for the 
> majority of the population.  most of us aren't as lucky as luis and 
> others around FoRK to love their work enough to focus on it for more 
> than 8 hours per day, and i like the reminder that most people only 
> view work as a means to finance the things that really matter to them.
> d
> Corinna wrote:
>> oohhh, a heavy topic....
>> Just curious, what kind (and how many) of people do you hang out with?
>> Do you feel out of place when you're with, ahhh, shall we say, less
>> intelligent people?  (Not stupid or dumb, just normal people with normal
>> IQs)
>> What do you talk about, or what do you do, when you hang out?
>> What do you talk about with casual strangers (like in the checkout 
>> line) -- or maybe you *don't* talk with casual strangers...?
>> In jobs I've had when I've had to deal with the general public, I 
>> feel very
>> strongly how "different" (in an undefined, subtle kind of way) I am. 
>> Even
>> among "bright" people I feel this, though it's less.
>> Now, this is not to say that I *can't* deal with the general public... I
>> think I'm reasonably well-socialized :-)  It's just that I don't 
>> prefer it.
>> -Corinna
>> (I'm not expressing this well, because it's not generally kosher to talk
>> about such things, so I don't ever really verbalize these kind of 
>> feelings.
>> I'm hoping you will recognize what I'm referring to, though.)
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