Steve Nordquist signa
Sat Sep 24 13:37:29 PDT 2005

Fah!  5 messages in and you're not even down to the
	-use the energy to terraform the non-oil-yielding ocean floor pro bono
	-solidify 1000^2 sq. km ocean on demand to dissipate hurricane
	-use leftover energy to launch said solid ocean to N. Korea, where it can
	 be used as a free (and fairly nonradioactive) energy source, melting
	 (tongues firmly in cheeks people?) into swirling water when taken down
	 from the mountains.  Someone will have to build a turbine or Terrace
	 Different....  Also provides delicious prepared non-native species dishes.
	-Use +4 space mirror to 'park' hurricane s.t. Yucatan has better weather,
	 build Efreet City.
	-7-hurricane -deathmatch-; city TBA (bluescreen it!!).
	-Gay (Mad, Ancient, Cosmic, Loathing) Anger Neptune + Cht'hulu as primary cause....
	-Sprite Zero (0 sweetness and furious fizz!) promotion gone horribly wrong.
	-Steven Levitt again called upon by kabal to 'Increase value of Chicago's
	 North Shore,' forced into ill-scoped programme of indirect action.
	-Bush TIA/HLS Plan achieves Zen; know all about it, and evacuate.

>> Secondarily, depending on fallout cancer rates, just nuke the damn
>> thing.  If projected dead due to cancer were, say, <50 vs. potentially
> You can't cancel a storm by nuking it. A thunderstorm dissipates more
> energy than a couple of nukes already. You could use a (very large) nuke
> (probably several) to deflect it while it emerges.

Yeees, but -radioactive- category 6 hurricane sounds so much better on
insurance forms.  Those, they pay under 'builder negligence.'

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