[FoRK] that grim meathook future thing

Tracie K Meyer con10gent_sentience
Sat Sep 24 13:46:16 PDT 2005

respendent writing, eugen. 

with this, you, one of the technologically most elite men who exist;
join in the universal subconscious shared by the seers and the poets.

thank you,
If I could only live at the pitch that is near madness
When everything is as it was in my childhood
Violent,vivid,and of infinite possibility:
That the sun and moon broke over my head.-preface,
'Feast of Snakes'
"Consciousness lies crumpled and useless on a tainted floor
soaked in failed intent;
thus does the Blood baptized Form
meet the Spirit of its Content "--'The Masquerade'

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