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Ian Andrew Bell FoRK fork
Sat Sep 24 18:56:24 PDT 2005

I believe that I, like most people, have a number of personalities  
and friends which tap into and influence each facet of my self.  So,  
I have my geeky-techno-entrepreneur friends, I have my hockey  
buddies, I have my drinking buddies, I have my sporty buddies, etc.

I move in different circles and typically they never rub into one  
another.  I love Rohit, for example but would never intro him to my  
hockey buddies (they are plumbers, firemen, etc. and his schtick  
would never play to them) in a million years.  Yet those buddies have  
something equally valuable to offer.  My friends (some of them)  
observe this behaviour on my part and often point it out -- I'm not  
sure their concerns in this regard are particularly warranted and no  
one should really feel left out.

People can truly become very close friends of mine by crossing over  
into two or more of those circles successfully, in my opinion, and  
once that's sealed up I tend to be fiercely loyal.  Friends who only  
hit one facet or the other typically come and go without much fanfare.


On 23-Sep-05, at 11:03 AM, Corinna wrote:

> oohhh, a heavy topic....
> Just curious, what kind (and how many) of people do you hang out with?
> Do you feel out of place when you're with, ahhh, shall we say, less
> intelligent people?  (Not stupid or dumb, just normal people with  
> normal
> IQs)
> What do you talk about, or what do you do, when you hang out?
> What do you talk about with casual strangers (like in the checkout  
> line) --
> or maybe you *don't* talk with casual strangers...?
> In jobs I've had when I've had to deal with the general public, I  
> feel very
> strongly how "different" (in an undefined, subtle kind of way) I  
> am. Even
> among "bright" people I feel this, though it's less.
> Now, this is not to say that I *can't* deal with the general  
> public... I
> think I'm reasonably well-socialized :-)  It's just that I don't  
> prefer it.
> -Corinna
> (I'm not expressing this well, because it's not generally kosher to  
> talk
> about such things, so I don't ever really verbalize these kind of  
> feelings.
> I'm hoping you will recognize what I'm referring to, though.)
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