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Sat Sep 24 20:28:31 PDT 2005

Back in the 80's (especially when I was reading a lot of Marvel comics), I used 
to say that we should solve the problem of nuclear waste by recycling it into 
playground equipment, so that our nation maintained parity of mutant superpowers 
  in future generations.


Stephen Williams wrote:

> Haven't your heard?  Low dose radiation lowers cancer rates.
> http://cnts.wpi.edu/RSH/Docs/Luckey98_Biopositive.htm
> http://www.nap.edu/books/030909156X/html/579.html
> You know that people are always saying we need to do something about 
> rising health costs...
> sdw
> Steve Nordquist wrote:
>> Fah!  5 messages in and you're not even down to the
>>     -use the energy to terraform the non-oil-yielding ocean floor pro 
>> bono
>>      coral
>>     -solidify 1000^2 sq. km ocean on demand to dissipate hurricane
>>     -use leftover energy to launch said solid ocean to N. Korea, where 
>> it can
>>      be used as a free (and fairly nonradioactive) energy source, melting
>>      (tongues firmly in cheeks people?) into swirling water when taken 
>> down
>>      from the mountains.  Someone will have to build a turbine or Terrace
>>      Different....  Also provides delicious prepared non-native 
>> species dishes.
>>     -Use +4 space mirror to 'park' hurricane s.t. Yucatan has better 
>> weather,
>>      build Efreet City.
>>     -7-hurricane -deathmatch-; city TBA (bluescreen it!!).
>>     -Gay (Mad, Ancient, Cosmic, Loathing) Anger Neptune + Cht'hulu as 
>> primary cause....
>>     -Sprite Zero (0 sweetness and furious fizz!) promotion gone 
>> horribly wrong.
>>     -Steven Levitt again called upon by kabal to 'Increase value of 
>> Chicago's
>>      North Shore,' forced into ill-scoped programme of indirect action.
>>     -Bush TIA/HLS Plan achieves Zen; know all about it, and evacuate.
>>>> Secondarily, depending on fallout cancer rates, just nuke the damn
>>>> thing.  If projected dead due to cancer were, say, <50 vs. potentially
>>> You can't cancel a storm by nuking it. A thunderstorm dissipates more
>>> energy than a couple of nukes already. You could use a (very large) nuke
>>> (probably several) to deflect it while it emerges.
>> Yeees, but -radioactive- category 6 hurricane sounds so much better on
>> insurance forms.  Those, they pay under 'builder negligence.'
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