[FoRK] social alienation...

Adam L Beberg beberg
Sun Sep 25 23:39:17 PDT 2005

Corinna wrote on 9/23/2005 11:03 AM:
> Just curious, what kind (and how many) of people do you hang out with?

Usually the organic kind, for now.

> Do you feel out of place when you're with, ahhh, shall we say, less
> intelligent people?  (Not stupid or dumb, just normal people with normal
> IQs)

Everyone around me is generally brilliant, however... that does not mean 
we have much or any areas of interest or even a vocabulary in common. I 
for example am a complete idiot when it comes to latin literature in the 
middle ages. Don't know a thing about it. Everyone is hypre-specialized 
when you take anything to a high enough level.

It's all that normal every day stuff people have in common, or hobbies 
and interests.

So yes, you feel out of place, literally. Find a group that has common 
interests... or just leave the chat room and find another if that's your 

Adam L. Beberg

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