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James Tauber jtauber
Mon Oct 3 07:37:09 PDT 2005

Totally understand. I went through the same thing writing a 6502  
emulator in Python in a night and running the BASIC ROM from an  
Apple ][.

See applepy on sourceforge.

6502-emulator-writing-in-a-night is probably a well documented  
symptom of some mental condition.


On 03/10/2005, at 10:56 AM, Andy Armstrong wrote:

> On 3 Oct 2005, at 03:52, Joe Barrera wrote:
>> This man needs an MP3 player for his car.
> I have one thanks :)
> I'm not saying I do this on /every/ long drive you understand... I  
> do have a bit of a 6502 fixation though - one night about a year  
> ago I wrote a 6502 emulator in Java and got it running the BASIC  
> ROM from an Acorn 6502 second processor. I have no idea why (and I  
> do, in fact, have a life) but it seemed important at the time.
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