[FoRK] serenity

Ken Meltsner meltsner
Mon Oct 3 11:13:15 PDT 2005

The odd thing was:

Serenity != Firefly

They messed around (a little) with the overall setup, story line, etc.
to make things fit into a movie-sized chunk.  Example:  At the start
of the film, Simon breaks River out of the evil institute, whereas
"friends" were responsible for the escape in the series.  The series
writers had tried to complicate matters while planting lots of stories
for future exploitation, but the movie had to make sense within far
narrower scope.  Which is too bad, since it's clear that the plants
will never bear fruit unless there are a lot of sequels.*

Other than a handful of minor issues like that -- far smaller than
Watson's migrating wound much beloved by serious Sherlockians -- it
was a great flick, and apparently (judging from Roger Ebert's review)
played well for fans and newbies alike.

Ken Meltsner

*  Dark Horse, I've been told, has a limited "graphic novel" series
that bridges between the end of the series and the start of the movie.
 The author was Whedon, so I assume they're canonical.  If the movie
sequels don't get made, there's always that channel and novelizations
-- think of how much more STrek material was written *after* the
show's cancellation than during the old show's three year run.


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