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B.K. DeLong bkdelong
Mon Oct 3 11:21:04 PDT 2005

At 02:13 PM 10/3/2005, Ken Meltsner wrote:
>*  Dark Horse, I've been told, has a limited "graphic novel" series
>that bridges between the end of the series and the start of the movie.
>  The author was Whedon, so I assume they're canonical.  If the movie
>sequels don't get made, there's always that channel and novelizations
>-- think of how much more STrek material was written *after* the
>show's cancellation than during the old show's three year run.

I was a Firefly fanboy and enjoyed the movie immensely. Some things 
seemed a bit off like Simon's out-of-character break-out of River and 
Book running a small place called "Haven", but all in all they 
answered a lot of questions and created a whole lot more.

Joss and Tim Minear did what they do best - created a large 
canonical-rich universe ripe for an RPG, MMORPG, comics, novelization 
and, one would hope, a rebirth of the TV series to complement the 
supposed remaining 2 movies.

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