[FoRK] bush` answer to the gasoline shortage--DON'T DRIVE (sic)

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Mon Oct 3 11:55:51 PDT 2005

Monday, October 3, 2005 
By Paul Andrews
Special to The Seattle Times
High-tech, low-fuel commuting 

President Bush's call for Americans to reduce unnecessary driving
because of hurricane-induced fuel shortages made me wonder how the whole
concept of telecommuting is faring these days.

After all, wireless networks and computerized devices, from personal
computers to cellphones to handheld organizers, enable a lot of office
professionals to do their jobs just about anywhere, including at home.
How much "unnecessary driving" is done to and from work? It's a
difficult number to gauge, even for employees who spend most of their
time in front of a computer monitor.

Census data seem to suggest that people are telecommuting more, even
though they're commuting as much as (or slightly more than) they ever
did. This may be because mobile workers tend to continue working during
evenings and weekends.
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