[FoRK] monorails don't work/ but spend a lot of money in USA (as per usual)

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Mon Oct 3 12:36:45 PDT 2005

Monday, October 3, 2005 
Ballard rethinks the monorail 
By Mike Lindblom

Lydia Mencias had only a moment before her bus arrived, still enough
time to rant about how the latest monorail plan stops short of her
Ballard neighborhood.
She said she's always voted for the monorail but plans to vote against
it [...]

...he voted yes in hopes a monorail would reduce traffic, and whisk him
from Crown Hill to Mariners baseball games. He's undecided now.

Several said neighbors have turned cynical   because political bickering
thwarted their previous votes, or because SMP has spent tens of millions
of dollars without breaking ground.

Shawna Zuege said she's "burnt out" after voting pro-monorail four times
and paying $270 in car-tab taxes this year. "I'd rather go back to the
drawing board than have this as a solution," she said. "What's the
point? The area they cut was one of the areas that needs it the most."

"Nobody who was against it before, is for it now. Those who were for it
before had an unreasonable optimism   'We had to do something,' " said
Christy McDanold, owner of Secret Garden Bookshop on Northwest Market
Street. At this point, she said, "I don't think people are too

Mencias, a hot-dog-shop manager who rode two buses home from downtown,
said that if Ballard gets trimmed from the route, the taxing area should
be, too. "I think it should be done by ZIP code. If you live there, you
should pay for it. If you don't live there, you should not pay."

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